Sustainable Funding

Grace Commons means many things to many people. And because of that, people participate financially for a variety of reasons.

  • As spiritual practice, aspiring to live generously.
  • To support creative ministry and an experimental space for church.
  • To grow the Grace Commons community.
  • To share what we have received.
  • To pay the bills, just like any other organization.
  • For a particular mission project, like addressing hunger, for example.

Some give without really knowing why (it just seems like the right thing to do), and some don't feel comfortable giving yet.

It's all good! Do what feels right, spiritually healing and liberating to you.


Expenses for things that contribute to the vitality of our community together include things you may not have thought of. The pie chart above shows the break-down of the following expenses.

  • Office and Building Expense: phone, printing, internet services, bank fees, postage, equipment & custodial supplies; rent
  • Support Staff: office administration, custodial, web design & maintenance
  • Worship: musicians, equipment, art supplies, planning & preparation
  • Community Life: hospitality, deacons, fundraising event expenses, educational supplies, leadership training, equipment like chairs & tables and so on.
  • Mission Giving: to address hunger, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, & to give disaster assistance here and abroad

We are currently not accepting donations.

May we make the world a better place. Together.